An Umbrian Retreat

Perched high on a lush hilltop near the medieval town of Gubbio in Umbria, Italy, exists a haven the likes of which cannot be replicated. Arriving at the Borgo di Carpiano– the name rolling off the tongue with a sense of romanticism that embodies the Italian language- is like stepping back in time. This feeling is evident in every detail, from the remoteness of the location to the ancient wooden wagon displayed out front of the main house.

Arriving at Borgo di Carpiano
Dreamy outdoor dining area

Upon arrival at the Borgo, you are immediately encouraged to sink into a comfy outdoor lounge area with a refreshing drink in hand to take in the expansive view of olive trees and clear skies, with streaks of sunshine casting a patterned glow over your limbs. The peaceful silence will rest both softly on your shoulders, encouraging a deep state of needed relaxation. The familiar and welcome sound of gravel crunching underfoot will narrate your continued exploration of the storied grounds, while admiring the palette of neutral and terracotta tones that contrast with the viridescent green of the rolling hills. In the evening, the horizon takes on a soft lilac hue within which you will see the glowing moon rise, instilling a sense of the inspired and ancient soul of the Borgo.

That Italian colour palette πŸ’•
Full moon rising beyond the hills

Marilisa and Riccardo Parisi are the proud owners and hosts of this Italian villa, affectionately referred to as the Borgo for short- an Italian term for a small village or hamlet. This married couple became enamoured with the history of the previously abandoned property, which dates back to the tenth century; they spent years lovingly restoring it to the enchanting retreat it is today. Along with their wonderful staff, Marilisa and Riccardo are passionately devoted to providing a true taste of quintessential Italian hospitality. Their rich and utterly charming accents, warm smiles and genuine nature feel like a warm embrace as you are welcomed into the paradise they have created.

Gorgeous breakfast enjoyed outside
Pool area with heavenly view

Their vision come to life, one can only imagine the level of dedication and passion of Marilisa and Riccardo when they decided to restore this bygone hamlet, all the while honouring the original architecture. For those lucky enough to experience their warm reception and congeniality you can only express deep appreciation and awe, with the hope that one day you will return. As a small parting gift, you are humbly provided a tin of homemade olive oil, stamped with the logo of the Borgo. Tuck it safely away in your suitcase and anticipate the joy of being transported back to this Umbrian retreat each time you open the cap and breathe in the scent of la bella vita.

Rolling hills of Umbria

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