My Creative Manifesto

My creative energy is sacred. 

It is mine alone. 

It comes from a raw and primal part of my humanity, 

my core, 

my soul. 

The outcome of my art is perfect. 

It is free of expectation. 

It is exactly what it needs to be- 

a divine communication between myself and the universe. 

Creative energy flows through me

around me, 

within me, 

if I only stop to hear the whispers. 

I am a natural creator

It is in my bones, 

my blood, 

my being. 

I am creativity. 

My words are medicine. 

My stories universal. 

I will use my voice to unite, comfort, bond and inspire- 

raising the vibration of the world. 

My creative expression is limitless. 

It is the most alive part of me.

The embodiment of my deepest joys and depths of pain,

where my truest thoughts are unmasked;

where they can breathe. 

Where I can breathe. 

My imagination knows no bounds. 

My inner world is alight with possibility, 

with narratives, stories and thoughts. 

This divine source cannot be depleted.  

My creative energy makes me feel free




At one with the moment, at one with Spirit,  

at one with myself.  

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