About Me


Dreamer, writer, traveller

Living on Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada, I am immersed in a wild landscape that awakens my inner dreamer and soothes my gentle spirit. It is the same state I find myself in when travelling the world- full of exuberance, imagination and contentment. On this site you can expect to find musings on life and wellbeing, travel and adventure stories, things that are inspiring me as well as original photography that I have captured along the way.  

I crave genuine connection with like-minded people in this beautiful storm that is life, and hope that my writing will resonate with the souls it is meant to reach. It has taken me many years to accept the truth that my experiences on this Earth are unique and worthy of being shared, making this blog an especially important endeavour for me. I know I will regret not trying more than I could regret putting myself and my words out there.

When I’m not travelling or planning my next adventure, you can find me reading in a nook with a coffee or tea in hand, hiking, practicing yoga, journalling, baking something cozy, taking photos in nature or watching the latest period drama on Netflix. I am passionate about making space in my life for the things that bring me the most joy and would love to know how you do the same. May we inspire each other to connect with our dreams, hopes and desires while relishing in the ever-evolving journey of being human.  

Thank you for being here! 

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